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Helping South Carolina Find Legal Solutions Since 1999

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Defense For Commercial Motor Vehicle Violations 

Helping Commercial Drivers Keep Their License

Many commercial drivers realize they could face serious repercussions if they are cited for a traffic violation. It's not just points or a spike in insurance premiums — they could lose their commercial driver's license (CDL) and ability to earn a living.

Many simply pay the ticket – but paying means pleading guilty. At Lord Law Firm, LLC, we can help prevent that from happening.

Experienced, Skilled Defense On Your Side

From moving violations to issues involving weight, logbooks and equipment, our firm has defended against them all.

Take action and preserve your commercial driving career by challenging a traffic violation

Our lead attorney, Ray Lord, has handled these matters since 1999. Unlike many of his competitors, he understands trucking laws, regulations and the challenges they present.

Former Police Officer

Ray Lord is a former police officer and prosecutor. His insight into the opposing side can make the difference between losing your commercial license and keeping it.

You Could Get Your Charges Dismissed. Contact Us To Find Out.

Depending on your circumstances, it may be possible to negotiate reduced penalties or even get your charges dismissed.

With the right lawyer, traffic violations do not have to lead to you losing your CDL. Call our team today at 803-407-4140. Free consultations.

Already lost your CDL license? Find out if you are eligible for license reinstatement. Contact us today.

If you are looking for an experienced Columba traffic ticket attorney, call 803-407-4140 or email our office today.

SC Traffic Violations