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Helping South Carolina Find Legal Solutions Since 1999

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Driving Without Vehicle Registration

A Handful Of Unregistered Vehicle Ramifications For Failure To Register

South Carolina legislation is strict when it comes to vehicle registration, and if you are driving with expired tags you will likely be cited. A citation for this violation may include:

  • DMV delinquency fees
  • Misdemeanor charges
  • Fines
  • Points against your driving record

But your vehicle may be exempt from registration; maybe you are in the midst of extenuating circumstances that have prevented you from renewing your tags.

Before paying your ticket, contact our office first. Paying your ticket is an automatic admission of guilt.

Helping People With South Carolina Moving Violations Since 1999

Attorney Ray Lord isn't just any criminal defense attorney — he has experience many of our competitors don't have. Before opening his own private practice he was a police officer and prosecutor. He thoroughly understands traffic laws and tactics from both sides of the fence.

Our Process

Ray will work tirelessly to prepare a strategy designed to reduce the effect your moving violation will have on your driving record and license. This includes working toward reducing or eliminating your fine, if possible, and hopefully preventing unwarranted increases to your automobile insurance premiums.

We can review your vehicle registration violation to determine if there are reasons that should be brought to the attention of the traffic court to defend you against your ticket.

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SC Traffic Violations