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Understanding Expungements And Pardons: Lessoning The Impact To Your Criminal Record

One of the challenges of a criminal record is that it can follow you for years, having a negative impact on your job prospects, educational opportunities and other important things in life.

In some cases, though, the adverse effects of a criminal conviction can be reduced or removed. Record expungements and pardons can accomplish these purposes.

Expungements: Removing A Criminal Conviction From Your Record

Also referred to as record sealing, record expungement is an official term for the removal of a criminal conviction from a person's record.

While expungements are powerful, South Carolina has placed limits on those who qualify. Typically, individuals with first offense misdemeanors, like marijuana possession, domestic offenses and traffic violations, can apply and they must have a three-year, offense-free time from the date of the offense.

For those who find success through expungements their criminal conviction is erased as if it never happened.

Our firm has helped students and others in Columbia and throughout the state with the process. Call us today to find out if you are eligible.

Pardons: Regaining Important Rights And Privileges

Criminal pardons, which are generally used in cases of felony convictions, are granted by special boards, or by a state governor or U.S. president.

Pardons are more difficult to receive and they do not erase a criminal conviction, but they can be valuable for people who wish to regain voting rights, hold political office or receive certain occupational licenses.

A person wishing to receive a pardon must first submit an application, receive an interview by a pardoning parole board and satisfy a waiting period.

Are You Looking To Apply For a Pardon? We Can Help.

Whether you are looking to apply for an expungement, have more questions about a pardon or just need more guidance on the law, our team at the Lord Law Firm, LLC, can help. Our advice is always confidential and our consults are always free.

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