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How A Lawyer Can Help You Beat Your Traffic Ticket Even For Minor Offenses. Hiring a Lawyer is important. Here is why: 

Treating your traffic ticket as if it were a minor offense can result in major consequences.

Far too many South Carolina residents, including those with commercial driver's licenses (CDL), think that the only response to a traffic violation is to pay the ticket.

Many cite the cost of legal counsel. This is understandable, but the cost of an attorney in the beginning is almost always far cheaper than paying for the repercussions you could face in the long run without one by your side — like the loss of your driver's license or cost of maintaining a mandatory ignition interlock device.

Choosing Us To Defend You

The Lord Law Firm, LLC, has handled many cases involving DUI and other traffic violations. Ray Lord, our lead attorney, is no stranger to the courtroom. As a former police officer and prosecutor turned defense attorney, he has a thorough understanding of the strategies and tactics used by both sides.

In court, he will speak on your behalf, present evidence and question the officer. He will help you with your testimony and determine whether witnesses and evidence exist. And from there, he will consider the best strategy, either via a plea agreement or trial.

The ultimate goal is to mitigate points on your license and any other potential adverse consequences. If a verdict is not in your favor, Ray can explore the option of an appeal.

Don't Risk Catastrophic Damage To Your Criminal Record – Call Today

Our firm has earned a reputation for getting results for area residents charged with traffic violations. Let us help you.

If you are looking for an experienced Columba traffic ticket attorney, call 803-407-4140 or email our office today.

SC Traffic Violations