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Cited For Improper Lane Change In Columbia? You Might Lose Your License.

When you have been issued a ticket for an improper lane change, your right to drive can be jeopardized. By paying the traffic ticket fine, you are essentially admitting that you are guilty of the infraction, and points will be added to your driving record.

When too many points amass over a certain period of time, your driver's license can be suspended.

Handling All Types Of Lane Change Violations

At Lord Law Firm, LLC, our founding attorney, Ray Lord, has extensive expertise defending individuals in Columbia (and those who live out of state) who have faced improper lane-change citations and other traffic tickets

  • He often helps those ticketed for:
  • Failing to signal before changing lanes
  • Changing lanes while in an intersection
  • Moving to another lane in a construction zone when a posted sign prohibits it
  • Failing to obey pavement markers when changing lanes

Extensive Legal Experience

Ray Lord has decades of experience handling these matters. He has defended numerous individuals in South Carolina since opening his firm in 1999. He gained extensive knowledge on the other side of the fence as a police officer and prosecutor.

Regardless of whether you were issued a citation on a highway, interstate, residential street or rural road with no one around, we are a law firm with the expertise to help mitigate the consequences your could face.

Before Paying Your Ticket, Reach Out To Us

Before paying that ticket, reach out to a lawyer from our office first. We can explain the law as it applies to your situation. We offer free consults and flexible appointments.

Call 803-407-4140 today.

If you are looking for an experienced Columba traffic ticket attorney, call 803-407-4140 or email our office today.

SC Traffic Violations